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This page is obsolete. Please visit the Neurocommons project site.

The Neurocommons project provides an operational knowledge base from a variety of public sources. While a few sources are available natively in RDF, most are in other forms (mostly XML and tab-delimited tables) and required processing by conversion scripts. Many of these conversion scripts were developed as part of the activitiy of the W3C Semantic Web Health Care and Life Sciences (HCLS) Interest Group, in which Science Commons participates.

A demonstration of the HCLS interest group's work took place at WWW2007 in Banff on 10 May 2007. See for more information on the demo.

List of information sources

For tractability, the scope of the KB is currently limited to the organisms of greatest interest to health care and life sciences research: human, mouse, and rat.

SPARQL Endpoint Availability

The Neurocommons project provides a SPARQL endpoint for public use. The SPARQL endpoint may be found at

This is an alpha release. The internal URIs may change as our understanding of the correct structure and deployment of this information improves. Please do not rely on it for production purposes. If you are interested in using it for production, please contact us so that we can collaborate.

General information, graph descriptions, and sample queries can be found starting here.

For documentation on some of the URIs used in the graphs, visit this page.

Mirror sites for the KB are in development.



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